PharmDev Innovations

Continuing Education to GxP Compliance

A lot of aspects are to be kept into consideration when trying to comply with regulatory requirements to name but a few:

  • profound knowledge of guidelines, directives regulations etc.
  • interpretation and realisation of regulatory requirements
  • procedures
  • documentation
  • buildings
  • equipment
  • training
  • excellent planning quality for conductance of clinical trials in total (and not only with the IMP supply chain) 
  • intensive communication between internal "customer" and internal "supplier"
  • pro-active readiness for cooperation and collaboration between all parties involved into preparation of IMPs;

Concepts necessary for realisation of such optimal processes are available with us and ready for implementation !

Whatever kind of training you need 

  • open and public trainings
  • in-house trainings
  • intensive coachings
  • web-basied training
  • blended learning or even
  • audio books

we will be happy to constructively identify your company specific needs and tailor the respective programme together with you !

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