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Media Supported GMP Training

Media supported GMP Training was firstly introduced in 1987. The pacemaker of this time was a training video titled  "You'll soon feel better", which in the meantime has been edited and is published a new. A direct interaction between user and programme was technically not yet possible at that time.

We started in the 90's to develop interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) for GMP taking carefully into consideration all relevant aspects of usability and IT ergonmics.

CD were the media the contents of which were installed on the PCs in pharmaceutical companies mostly under Windows NT.

Already at that time usabiliyt was a must for our programmes and we were able to produce individualized and named certificates of attendance automatically and the end of a section.

Development of our CBT concepts and superiority against classical training were scientifically investigated and published (in german language) already in 1997.

Keeping this background in mind it was deemed only logical to transfer the know-how in this field and the concepts to current technology which meant Internet.

The result:

WebGMP® - web-based GMP Training at very favourable conditions and with topics and contents resulting from our clients and participants proposals on two levels: basic and advanced.

As all our training offerings, unfortunately, also the WebGMP is currently available in german language only.

We are thus looking for interested international distributors prior to producing an english version and developing the concept further. If you are interested we are happy to enter into further discussions and your respective e-mail is kindly appreciated.

What's WebGMP ?

It's focussed on optimisation of GMP trainings with regard to 

  • Efficiency
  • Cost
  • Covering all employees with training demand on 24/7
  • didactical quality
  • adequate implementation of multimedia technologies.

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