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Customer Benefit and USP

Quality of results from the service offerings normally is benchmarked by regulatory requirements in this industry.

However, quality is additionally and considerably determined by speed (responsiveness) and competence (reliability).

Since regulatory requirements do not allow for much space of interpretation, competitive advantage of service organisations (like PharmDev) is significantly impacted by faster delivery of results. This can be achieved only by concentration on processes optimised in two different regards: speed and quality.

A virtual organisation provides an ideal environment if it achieves that the conventional monolithic organisation controlled by hierarchy and thus based on mistrust is successful in changing to a trust based distributed multi-party organisation and is thus revitalized.

Based on our longlasting experience we know, where the traps are waiting during the development process and how to circumvent or avoid them in the most successful manner.

It is not to firstly reduce cycle-times at any price and thus generate operational hecticism. We strive for havig the existing processes just slightly changed and parallelised and thus gaining time out of the parallelised completion of tasks.

We are thus offering a deal: you are buying time from us.

Since "time is money", the economic value and advantage become obvious. Our unique selling proposition (USP) results from a high quality level together with an efficienyc gain for all processes associated with pharmaceutical development in broadest sense.

Quality of Service


Quality of service is also benchmarked by its results achieved.

Provided the quality of a drug is a given regulatory requirement it can be seen as a constant in the triangle above. Then only time and money are of further interest. Thus we have to tackle with three interconnected dimensions: quality, time and cost.

An additional value and benefit is proved to the client by PharmDev's competence in analysing client's requirements. A lot of customers have difficulties in articulation of their actual needs.

This insight on the one hand led to development of the "Fuzzy Planning®“ principle. This converts blurred or "fuzzy" client statements into a feasible and achievable requirement profile by increasing densification of relevant planning information.

On the other hand PharmDev has just on this purpose developed its business unit PharmURS helping clients to articulate their needs in form of User Requirements Specifications (URS) by most current methodologies like Requirements Engineering.

At the end both the URS and the demand for service are provided with measurable milestones, facilitating assessment of the service provider's performance by the customer.

It's time for a new paradigm:

  • Be fast or be food
  • It‘s not the BIG that eats the SMALL … it‘s the FAST that eats the SLOW

Significantly reduce complexity:

  • Don‘t make things more difficult than they are
  • Keep things as simple as possible … but not simpler
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