PharmDev Innovations

In the very beginning we often got questions after conferences or seminars or directly by phone of the kind: "couldn't you help with this and that topic on clinical supplies ?"

We answered mostly just within friendly relationships to colleagues. However, the "hotline" became more and more busy such that we decided to form a business out of this (figure: one of the first of PharmLink's websites).

Portfolio of activities became broader and broader. In the beginning most questions were focussed on labelling of Investigational Medicinal Products (still a hot item).

Since 1989 our business unit PharmLink Consultants has been offering result oriented and competence based consulting services in the sector of IMP preparation and all related areas.

PharmLink Consultants have followed a vision from the very beginning:

To be a world-class competence- and value based Pharmaceutical Consultancy, specialising in Clinical Supplies, offering Clients the opportunity to maximise operational effectiveness thus enabling time to market improvements to benefit their patients, stakeholders and shareholders

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