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have been consulting on topics in the area of investigational medicinal proucts since 1989 in broadest sense (PharmLink Consultants) and have been developing training concepts since 1993 for pharmaceutical industry.

Based on our longlasting experience we feel competent to offer support in particular in the current situation of research and development in pharmaceutical industry:

Speed of development processes must be significantly increased in order to survive in this competitive environment. This obviously holds for all, small, medium and globally sized pharmaceutical companies.

Based on a comprehensive network of well known service providers and contract manufacturers, own experience and competence, to a far extent parallelised processes, utilisation of all possibilities the current regulatory framework is offering and a lot of ideas for practical application and implementation of regulatory requirements we want to demonstrate that there is a big unutilised potential of speed gain for our clients to be used for generating competitive advantages.


  • own longlasting international experience in areas of pharmaceutical development, regulatory compliance and business process optimisation and alignments
  • take over single or all activities necessary for pharmaceutical development of drug development projects
  • are following an efficient project organisation, set up either by ourselves or seamlessly inserted into client's projects.
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