PharmDev Innovations

what we are doing

PharmDev Innovations is a service provider to pharmaceutical industry for all kinds of development. We are focussed on aspects relevant prior to filing the marketing authorisation application with the respective authorities. ... more

what our clients are

  • Small start-ups in virtual environment
  • Medium-size pharmaceutical companies
  • Some of the global top 20
  • Generic manufacturers
  • CROs (Contract Research Organisations)... more

what this website should do

Experience has shown that most projects from the complex environment we are working in are coming from personal netwroks. 

This is why this website is not primarily to serve any client acquisition purposes (though we appreciate any new client ;-), but to provide detailed information for those interested parties having heard from from other sources.

Thus some of the sections are a bit more comprehensive than usual on websites. We hope on your interest and your feedback is kindly appreciated !

what's driving us ...

... is our Vision

SPEED is our credo:
We want to be first: first in new business model, first in getting ready with development projects, first in enabling industrial client’s development strategy... more

what makes us different

PharmDev is  

  • active in the area of pharmaceutical development (which gave us the name) and all related disciplines,
  • acting at favourable total project costs
  • responsive and fast in operation
  • offering efficient structures and focussed qualifications
  • taking into account factual, regulatory and emotional constraints.

Whereas many of our (potential) clients from pharmaceutical industry still have to establish their (e.g. provider-) networks based on the current tasks PharmDev makes use of networks already established and can thus start nearly from the scratch. 

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